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    The Finnish Travel Collection

    These books are about Lapland, Finland, and Sweden and include travel accounts, travel guides, illustrated works, and research, written in Finnish, Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, and Latin.

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    The Library of Charles V preserved in the National Library of France

    The collection gathers several precious items, for example the first French encyclopedia in the vernacular language 'Image du monde' by Gossuin de Metz and the wonderful richly illustrated atlas of Nautical Charts by Abraham Cresques.

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    Luna collections - Western Manuscripts

    The Bodleian Libraries made freely available online a highly important collection of digital items of western manuscripts from the Medieval to the Modern Period. The collection gathers classical literary manuscripts, Bible manuscripts, Anglo-Norman literature, French literature and poems, Irish manuscripts and British poems and romances (particularly written in Middle English and Old English).

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    Digitised Books from the Bodleian Libraries

    Oxford's library special collections have been enriched with a significant set of digital resources. The digital projects are based on core research material from Bodleian Libraries holdings. They aimed to promote scholarly effort with relevance to research and teaching by digitising, delivering and enhancing major library holdings of Oxford University.

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    Early Printing in Europe: examples in Bodleian collections

    Early Printing in Europe: examples in Bodleian collections.

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    Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts preserved by the Bodleian Libraries

    Around 25,000 images selected mostly from Western Illuminated Manuscripts Collection (with a few from early printed books collection) of the Bodleian's older image library of 35mm slides and filmstrips.

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