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    Historical photographs from the Austrian National Library

    The collection has been compiled by the Archive of the Austrian Society for Contemporary History at the Austrian National Library. It features about 10,500 digital images from 1918 onwards.

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    Conservative Party Poster Collection

    This collection is part of the Conservative Party Archive. 596 historic Conservative Party posters, dating from 1909 to 2007, were digitised and made freely available for research online.

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    Historical photographs from the Austrian National Library

    This contemporary history collection comprising 10,500 digitized images is focused on events and people from Austria from 1918 onward.

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    Historical Photographs of Austria

    This collection of approximately 4488 objects offers topographic and architectural photography of Austria taken by several photographers including Gernat, Rudolf Wien, Otto Gleim, Friedrich Büngener, as well as by several national and foreign institutions such as the Österreichische Lichtbildstelle, the Niederösterreichischer Landesfremdenverkehrsverband, the British ISB and the United States Information Service (USIS).

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    Historical Images of Europe from the Austrian National Library

    This collection comprises 55 portfolios of around 3,900 prints. Items include topographical recordings, images of cities, villages, buildings, architecture, landscapes and pictures of natural events from the areas of the former Austrian crown-lands, but also from modern day Germany, Italy, France, England, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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    Historical pictures of Vienna

    The collection of old Viennese photographs covers several themes: people, Viennese history, everyday life, Viennese surroundings, places and streets of all 23 districts within Vienna.

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