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    The Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

    E-codices has made available particularly valuable items, such as the Swiss Illustrated Chronicles from the 15th and 16th centuries which present the History of the Swiss Confederation.

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    Danish collection of 18th Century Flute Music

    This e-collection mainly contains digitised works from the 1700s for flute, both printed sheet music and manuscript.

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    The Finnish Travel Collection

    These books are about Lapland, Finland, and Sweden and include travel accounts, travel guides, illustrated works, and research, written in Finnish, Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, and Latin.

  • Europeana_Research/data/botany-In-India.jpg

    Botany in British India

    A collection of files from the India Office Records at the British Library on Botany in India 1780-1860.

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    Piranesi engravings of the Complutense University Library of Madrid

    Piranesi engravings of the Complutense University Library of Madrid. The Piranesi Collection provided by the Complutense University Library of Madrid contains digital copies of engravings realised between the years 1748-1806 and published in Rome and Paris.

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