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    Digitised Books from the Bodleian Libraries

    Oxford's library special collections have been enriched with a significant set of digital resources. The digital projects are based on core research material from Bodleian Libraries holdings. They aimed to promote scholarly effort with relevance to research and teaching by digitising, delivering and enhancing major library holdings of Oxford University.

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    Masterpieces of the non-Western book

    Circa 1,800 images of some of the Bodleian Libraries most valuable and most fragile manuscripts from many cultures of the Near East and Asia.

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    The India Office Records (1914-1918)

    The India Office Records primarily fall within the series of records of the India Office Military Department, which had responsibility for overseeing military policy and administration, and the India Office Political & Secret Department, which had responsibility for overseeing India's foreign policy and frontier affairs, and relations with the Indian Princely States.

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    Botany in British India

    A collection of files from the India Office Records at the British Library on Botany in India 1780-1860.

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    Enrique Lafuente Ferrari Photographic collection

    Enrique Lafuente Ferrari Photographic collection.

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