Horizon 2020 and other project proposals

Working with Europeana offers numerous benefits for research projects, especially in the humanities and social sciences.

For potential research projects making use of European cultural heritage, Europeana provides a number of advantages :

A networking point for the cultural heritage sector

  • Via its network Europeana has contact with over 3,300 museums, libraries and archives from all EU members states and beyond.

An instrument for aggregating data from across Europe

  • Europeana has developed the most advanced aggregation infrastructure in cultural heritage. Through partners such as ApEx, Eu SCreen and the European Library, Europeana has the means to collect data from digitised and non-digitised collections throughout Europe.

A means of standardising disparate data

  • Europeana employs a licencing framework and a data model to ensure that its collected data is interoperable and re-usable.

A stable platform for developing research tools

  • The Europeana API offers a means to access and re-use European's data in programmatic form. Via its forthcoming Europeana Cloud service, Europeana is also developing a read/write API for the storing and annotating metadata and content.