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    Portraits Collection of the Austrian National Library

    More than 200,000 engravings, woodcuts and other art objects of historic personalities are included in the Portraits Collection of the Austrian National Library.

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    Digitised Books from the Bodleian Libraries

    Oxford's library special collections have been enriched with a significant set of digital resources. The digital projects are based on core research material from Bodleian Libraries holdings. They aimed to promote scholarly effort with relevance to research and teaching by digitising, delivering and enhancing major library holdings of Oxford University.

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    Oxford Digital Library Collections

    The Oxford Digital Library (ODL) offers central access to digital collections based on core research material from the Bodleian Library's holdings.

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    World War One Posters, Small Form Graphics and Children’s Drawings

    The picture material for Europeana Collections 1914-1918 consists for one part of children’s drawings illustrating and World War I.

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    Historical Images of Europe from the Austrian National Library

    This collection comprises 55 portfolios of around 3,900 prints. Items include topographical recordings, images of cities, villages, buildings, architecture, landscapes and pictures of natural events from the areas of the former Austrian crown-lands, but also from modern day Germany, Italy, France, England, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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    British Library Online Gallery

    This Online Gallery offers a wide range of images from the former Collect Britain website, including nearly 2,800 new maps online for georeferencing, Illustrated Manuscripts, the King George III Topographical Collection and Philatelic Rarities - a total of over 30,000 images.

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