• Europeana_Research/data/wwi-Collection-Of-Photographs-Slovak-National-Library.jpg

    World War One Collection of Photographs

    Within the context of Europeana Collections 14-18 project, the Slovak National Library has digitised and made freely accessible online a valuable collection of photographs from the First World War period.

  • Europeana_Research/data/wwi-Photo-Collection-Russian-State-Library.jpg

    WWI Photo collection Russian State Library

    Collection of WWI Photographs from the Russian State Library.

  • Europeana_Research/data/photographs-Of-The-Military-Campaign-Of-The-Belgian-Congo-1916-1918-.jpg

    Photographs of the military campaign of the Belgian Congo (1916-1918)

    The role that Belgium and its African colonies played in the First World War is well-documented in this photographic collection comprising 4 volumes, which may have been taken by Lieutenant Robert Vincent during the military campaign of the Belgian Congo against the German colonies in East Africa.

  • Europeana_Research/data/kbr-Music-3000018367518.png

    Musical Life in Belgium during the First World War

    WWI music collection of approximately 181 items, for example, military marching music, official military marching music published with the approval of the Ministry of National Defense, war hymns, folk songs, national anthems, patriotic music as well as salon songs for solo voice and piano.

  • Europeana_Research/data/manuscripts-From-The-Royal-Library-Of-Belgium.jpg

    Manuscripts from the Royal Library of Belgium

    The Royal Library of Belgium, as part of the Europeana Regia project, has digitized 30 Carolingian manuscripts dating from the late 7th to the 10th century.

  • Europeana_Research/data/grigorescu.jpg

    Drawings by Nicolae Grigorescu

    Among the drawings of the most representative Romanian artists preserved in the Romanian Academy Library are the drawings of Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907).

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