The University of Valencia has digitised about 90 manuscripts of the Neapolitan Collection housed in the Historical Library. The collection contains precious codes of all disciplines: mathematics, geography, history, literature, medicine, agriculture and architecture.

Visitors can explore luxurious vellum manuscripts richly decorated with gold and Renaissance motifs (putti, exotic animals, bianchi Girari, medallions, emblems of the royal house of Naples, etc.). Most codices still have their original bindings, designed in the Mudejar style. Furthermore, there are several works translated by the man of letters Lorenzo Valla.

This collection also forms part of the precious Library of the Aragonese Kings of Naples, one of the most beautiful and important European libraries in the field of humanities. The Duke of Calabria brought about 1000 volumes to Valencia in 1527 out of the approximate 2500 volumes of the original library. In 1550, the remaining volumes were donated to the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes and during the 19th century approximately 250 were transferred to the University Collection.

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