Manuscripts from the Royal Library of Belgium

The Royal Library of Belgium, as part of the Europeana Regia project, has digitized 30 Carolingian manuscripts dating from the late 7th to the 10th century. The manuscripts cover various genres: canon law, hagiography, biblical studies, biblical commentaries, science, historiography, patristic texts, classical literature and philosophy.

The collection also includes, for example, De architectura by Vitruvius, Georgica by Vergilius, Historia Francorum by Gregory of Tours (The main contemporary source for Merovingian history) and De civitate Dei by Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis.

This precious collection also includes 9 codices from the 14th century from the old library of Charles V (1364-1380. Worthy of mention are the works in French by Aristotéles: politica, metereologica, economica and ethica. These manuscripts are fully accessible via Belgica, the virtual library of the Royal Library of Belgium, and via Europeana.

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