Manuscriptorium: Open Catalogue of Historical Collections and Digital Library of manuscripts and rare old printed books

16 February 2016 Comment

Manuscriptorium contains data from 33 Czech institutions (public and research libraries, archives, museums; and castle and monastery libraries) and also 12 foreign libraries.

This selection of interesting documents comprises the so-called Paris Fragment which contains a part of the richly illustrated Latin translation of the oldest rhymed chronicle written in Czech, known as the Dalimil Chronicle; Passional of the Abbess Kunigunde (1314-1321) which contains exceptional specimens of book illustration. It was ordered and its content inspired by the daughter of the Czech King Přemysl Otakar II; Velislav’s Bible (14th century), the most extensive surviving illustrated manuscript from medieval central Europe; the Richenthal‘s Chronicle which depicts the participants and the proceedings of the Council of Constance (1414-1418); Jaroš Griemiller from Třebsko: Rosarium Philosophorum the most notable literary testimonial to the high level of alchemy research in Bohemia.

Manuscriptorium is a freely accessible digital library which enables ready access to concentrated information on historical resources via sophisticated search tools. Manuscriptorium is a Europeana sub-aggregator for the sphere of historical resources.

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