Italian songbooks and music sheets from the First World War

Italian songbooks and music sheets from the First World War. This digital collection gathers the most important collections of songbooks and music sheets in Italy from the First World War period: approximately 155 items, including military marching music, war hymns, folk songs, Neapolitan folk songs, sentimental ditties and canzonetta (the Italian popular secular vocal composition).

There are musical compositions by several famous Italian musicians: Emilia Gubitosi, the first Italian woman to be formally recognised for music composition; Giovanni Tarditi; Vincenzo Valente, a famous composer of Neapolitan songs; Giuseppe Capaldo, an Italian poet; Ernesto De Curtis who composed the famous song Torna a Surriento; Nicola Valente; Giuseppe Manente; Martino Stanislao; Luigi Gastaldon the author of the famous romanza Musica Proibita,etc..

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    Sheet Music

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    Military History, World War 1914-1918

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    Western Europe

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Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries