Italian satirical and advertising drawings from the WW1 period

Italian satirical and advertising drawings from the WW1 period.This collection brings together 228 Italian drawings from the WW1 period.

The satirical and advertising drawings have been made by Italian designers such as Jonni Raffaello, Scorzon Amos, Ferro R., and anonymous artists.

The collection includes coloured pencil, gouache and watercolour paintings as well as black and white drawings. Those drawings are immensely informative and could even be considered as important historical documents.

They reflected the government and public attitude at that time and express the thoughts and fears, sentiments and emotions of people. The Great War of 1914-18 was certainly not one of the funniest events to be recorded on drawings. However, the sense of humour played a major part in maintaining the morale of troops and civilians during the war.

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    Drawings, Paintings

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    World War 1914-1918

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    Western Europe, Southern Europe

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Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries