Giedde’s Collection of 18th Century Flute Music (digital)

7 March 2016 Comment

This e-collection contains mainly digitised works from the 1700s for flute, both printed sheet music and manuscript.

Giedde's collection contains 1,230 works, 665 of which are printed. There are about 170 composers on the list. Some of the works are unique specimens or comparatively rare.

W.H.R.R. Giedde was from 1791-1793 Head of The Royal Orchestra and a keen amateur flutist, and after his death his collection went to the Royal Music Archive. In 1903 the collection and this archive were incorporated in The Royal Library and is today one of the treasures of the Music and Theatre Department.The collection is an independent sub-base in The Royal Library’s Catalogue, REX.

  • Item Type

    Sheet Music

  • Time Coverage

    18th Century