Ghent - Google Books Collection - Dutch and French literature

28 January 2016 Comment

Ghent - Google Books Collection. Google started digitising the Booktower's out-of-copyright books by the end of 2007, bringing some of the greatest works of Dutch and French literature to millions of people globally.

As one of Belgium's largest libraries, the Ghent University Library has greatly increased the number of Dutch and French-language books available through the Google Book Search Library Project. Through this partnership, hundreds and thousands of books have been added to the programme, from well-loved classics to rare and special collections previously only available to those able to consult the library's stacks.

The heritage collection of the University Library is one of the most important heritage collections in Belgium (after the Royal Library).

The collection started with the confiscated convents and abbeys, but the collection is also known for its humanistic and reformation works (Erasmus, Vigilius, Luther, Calvin). Other sets in the heritage collection deal with: literature, history, architecture, law and legal practice; scientific works about medicine, botanics, mathematics (e.g. Jan Yperman, Dodoens, Stevin etc).

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