Full Text of Newspapers from Dr Friedrich Tessman Library

28 October 2015 Comment

Full Text of Digitised Newspapers from the Dr Friedrich Tessman Library, Bolzano, Italy, made available via the Europeana Newspapers project.

Full Text from digitised newspapers from the Dr Friedrich Tessman Library, Bolzano, Italy. 47 different titles are featured; the time span for each title can be seen on The European Library newspapers portal

The text for each title is available as a zip file. Each zip file is then organised by year, and the text (in the json format) is within each folder, along with issue level metadata. Title-level metadata is available in the root of the zip file for each issue.

Further technical information is on the readme file

Note that the link 'API Console' below actually leads to the downloadable text

  • Item Type

    Newspapers, Full text

  • Spatial Coverage

    Western Europe, Southern Europe

  • Time Coverage

    19th Century, 1900-1945