Digitised publications from Luxembourg: eLuxemburgensia

16 March 2016 Comment

Digitised publications of the National Library of Luxembourg: newspapers, periodicals and reference works from the 17th to the 20th centuries: eLuxemburgensia.lu

Among the newspapers and periodicals are 'Courrier du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg', 'D'Wäschfra', 'De Mitock', 'Luxemburger Land in Wort und Bild (Das)', 'Luxemburger Wort' and 'Tageblatt'. Full-text search and article level structuring is implemented for newspaper titles on the eLuxemburgensia.lu site. Among the most requested reference works are 'Biographie nationale du pays de Luxembourg', 'Catalogue descriptif des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque de Luxembourg' and 'Muenzbeschreibung des graeflich und fuerstlichen Hauses Mansfeld'.

The digital collection contains also the old illustrated postcards collection dating from the late nineteenth century to the fifties. Published mostly in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by the most popular photographers in Luxembourg such as Charles and Ed Bernhoeft Kutter. The collection of postcards is a valuable source for historical and iconographic information on important political and cultural events, the transformation of urban and rural areas, the development of architecture, transport, tourism and customs, crafts and recreation in the Grand Duchy.

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