Europeana and Text Mining

6 November 2015 Comment

This week, Europeana and the OpenMinTed project will be hosting a (now sold out) workshop on Text and Data Mining in Europe: Defining the Challenges and Actions

The possibilities of mining Europeana's metadata have been cited by various researchers, and now that Europeana also has access to full text material (principally the Europeana Newspapers corpus), there has been various discussions about how best to take full scholarly advantage of this.

Mining - Mining Astypalaia, from Research Project 'Industrial Establishment in the Aegean Sea', Institute of Neohellenic Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece. Provided by National Documentation Centre, Public Domain

This particular workshop will look at how Europeana can work with other related infrastructures to overcome some of the technical, legal and organisational challenges that inhibit text and mining of both cultural heritage and scientific material.

You can read more on Europeana's perspectives on how it can work with text mining in the presentation here.

We have also commissioned various researchers to illustrate how they have made use of cultural heritage material in their research using text mining. Over the next few weeks, we will publish some short essays showing how the availability of digitised material for text mining has opened up new avenues for their work.