Roadmap for Europeana Research

In 2015, we will undertake the following pieces of work. Please get in touch via Twitter or email if you have comments, ideas, suggestions

  • Exploring how full text and images from the Europeana Newspapers project can be made available for re-use

The Europeana Newsapers project had made several million pages of text and images available in the public domain. We will be exploring how the content can be re-used by the research community

  • Building a full-text API based on Europeana Newspapers

Based on the above newspapers content, Europeana Research will build a full text API and make it available for usage

  • Developing student modules for teaching usage of the Europeana data / API

We will be working with the DARIAH network (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) to build teaching modules that explain the usage of the Europeana API

  • Highlight other collections of interest to the research community

Our sister service Europeana Labs makes other collections available via an API. Europeana Research will highlight some of the most useful collections for re-use in research.

  • Continuing to gather user requirements for Europeana Research

Europeana Research will continue to evolve. As part of the Europeana Cloud project, user requirements and feedback will be sought from research communities and infrastructures.

  • Developing a Content Strategy for Europeana Research

As part of the Europeana Cloud project, a content strategy is being developed to guide the type of content that Europeana can make available to the research community. With DARIAH and CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure), Europeana will also form an advisory board to guide future work.